Margo Candelario


I don't think my art is unique, but my life experiences have shaped my creative style. Stories come and go because that's the revolving nature of history, but how the story is told and the animation behind my voice when I paint, draw, work with wool, or write, is what makes my work an attractive, relatable narrative. I want people to see themselves in the story, feel and find comfort in situations that may not be ideal, but welcome you home to peace or a call to action, that stirs up emotion. My journey from the west coast to the east coast and now living in the south covers a myriad of lines, shapes and color. I just really enjoy putting them all together and painting in between life!

My art resides in private collections in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, DC, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, California, Texas and Hawaii. Gallery and Juried exhibitions:

  • City Bank New York
  • Valdosta State University
  • University of Georgia
  • Trescott Gallery
  • Tula Art Gallery
  • Lyndon House Art Gallery
  • OCAF
  • Dory's Hearth & Home Gallery


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