'Mixed Emotions' show update

'Mixed Emotions' show update

'Mixed Emotions' show update

Hello everyone its me Margo Candelario, giving you an update on my latest show 'mixed emotions' in downtown Watkinsville, aka the Art land of Georgia. The opening reception is always a nail biter because people who say they're going to come don't and the ones you've never met, do. Thankfully I had a nice mixture of both, which fit in very nicely with my show title. This is my first solo exhibition in 17 years, I know, I can hardly believe it myself but it happens when you have many irons in the fire. Now don't misunderstand, I've continued to paint and participate in group shows and juried exhibitions but setting a goal to create a certain amount of paintings and curate a show has been a long time coming. This exhibition is about me finding my feet as an individual, without the title of mother, business owner, daughter or friend but allowing those titles to shine in my work and tell a story that highlights the commonality of being human. We served wine, cheese, fruit and those little pinwheel sandwiches, that go well with smatterings of conversation about everything and nothing. However the pitch changed when the red dot appeared and heads began to swivel. Does everyone reading this know the significance of the red dot? Well when you see a red sticker next to or under a painting, it means sold, and I had the privilege of peeling off and placing a red sticker. Amazing how something so small can change the trajectory of an event. Onlookers began to look even closer at the work, studying the storylines with a keener eye, and taking pictures. Now that the opening has come and gone, I'm thinking of the next goal, the next masterpiece, the next project and a room full of red dots. 

"The Judge" measures 36"x 48"

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