Subconsciously In love with pink!

Subconsciously In love with pink!

Subconsciously In love with pink!

Hey everyone it's me Margo Candelario and welcome to my home. As I sit and contemplate my art goals and methods to achieve them I study the room. I believe that everyone should have a space that reflects their personality, beckons clarity and offers safe haven vibes. This corner and its 1970's popcorn ceiling, with arched entryways, paintings balancing on easels and propped against walls, does that for me. I use colors that motivate me to be a better storyteller, a better visual & literary artist, a better communicator and better friend. It wasn't until I sat still, I mean really sat and listened to stillness that I saw the repetitive palette of pink. I never wore pink bows in my hair or on my dresses, heck I can't remember owning a pink pair of socks but look at how she shows up in my work! The 9' mural shown in the photo is supported by a vibrant pink with variations of the color to highlight what the 70's meant to me. Then look at "Skinny Sorbet" the beautiful bombshell with the Afro, representing all that's soft and good in the Bronx, she has some pink pastel tones going on as well. Moving forward is "The House that Jack built", symbolizing an attempt to assassinate a culture living in the South Bronx during the 1970's - 80's! Yes the neighborhoods became grimy but the people were resilient, and I believe the 'Pink' peppered throughout the piece represents hope. If you're a creative or collector, I encourage you to embrace colors that live outside of your planned color scheme and allow them to tell you something new, something you may not have remembered existed. Let art wake your sub conscience!


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