Why having a show gives validation

Why having a show gives validation

Why having a show gives validation

Hey everyone, its Margo from Margo Candelario Art with a little tidbit about my journey as a working artist. Many years ago ok let me be transparent, 30 years ago I decided that I wanted to create art for others to enjoy, display, converse about and love. However I needed people who had been creating art, meaning professionals who would be honest with me about my talent. I made an appointment with a gallery owner from another city, that had no knowledge or ties to me within the community I was living in at the time. She was very candid with me and very encouraging. She also suggested that I contact another artist who worked in the same style, had lots of experience working with emerging artist and could mentor me if she had time around her busy schedule. So the second road trip ensued, with art in tow and a willing to learn and listen attitude. That artist is Brenda Singletary, she was the most inviting, encouraging artist I have met to date. Brenda knew that I was a new artist but also recognized the drive and determination I had in my quest and journey of storytelling through paint, pencil, paper, words and canvas. Brenda invested in my talent by offering to show my work along with hers during the Black Arts Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. My work was hung at the Tula Gallery in Buckhead, what an honor! She took a chance on me, and that was the spark needed to make me believe in my abilities. Investing in artist by showing their work to collectors or people who genuinely love to own and support artist is absolutely necessary for the growth of the artist. Of course this is my opinion and my blog, so if you don't agree with this statement that is perfectly fine, but I believe having these positive encounters early in my career was the catalyst for moving forward. Being self taught never deterred me from having shows. Galleries and museums are full of work that is called minimalism. The artist has a story whether the onlooker understands or cannot relate is moot, the work exist and there are people who enjoy it. Why the post, you may be asking yourself? Well I haven't had a solo exhibition since 2007! Several group shows but not just me. When an artist is asked to show with other artist, there is usually a theme and the work must coincide, but this time its my theme, my show, and my story. The title I've decided on is MARGO CANDELARIO : Mixed emotions I'm sure I'll be writing about this upcoming adventure August 17 - 31, 2023 until the next time, stay dialed in and keep creating. 

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